Meteo-Climatic and Environmental Risks Advisors

The Agrometeorological Bulletin

The service proposed by Meteotec is based on the monitoring of the meteorological conditions with the installation of a weather station. The meteorological conditions affect both the development of the crop, both the emergence of diseases and the attack of pests.  The bulletin is a powerful tool to respond to the Plan of Implementation of the National Agriculture (PAN) started in 2014.       >>>>>>

The Weather Database

The organization of the historical series of meteorological data on a national and international scale, with the implementation in the electronic database of real-time measurements, represents the basis of the weather events analysis service (extreme or not). All these data are needed for the calculation of the return times and the probability of exceeding  threshold for a specific parameter, etc. The results of these calculations are presented distributed on the territory trough thematic maps developed with GIS technique.        >>>>>>